This is tentative.

4:45 - 5:00 - Mix it up app madness - Make your way to the table with the topic that interests you and share your favorite apps. (These correspond to the wiki pages in the navigation bar) - if you find a great app, you're encouraged to post it to our wiki!)
  • Welcome - Vicki Davis
  • How to determine the right applications for your classroom - Vicki Davis
  • Estimating file sizes on iphone - tips from South Africa - Steve Dembo
  • Finding Apps that Improve Ed - Scott Meech, founder of - Grassroots movement of educators to vet and share apps and how to join in.
  • The App of the Future - QR Codes - Jason and Mr. Robbo the PE Geek
  • iTouch/ Iphone Legal Issues - Dr. Scott McLeod
  • Susan Wells, Principal - Dr. Scott McLeod
  • iPhones / iTouch and International - Julie Lindsay - what you need to know about the differences between app stores internationally
  • 1:1 itouch programs - Susan Wells, Principal
  • Itouch/ Iphone legal issues - Dr. Scott McLeod
  • Tweetwood Mac - Kevin Honeycutt & friends
  • Awesome App Smackdown (time permitting) - Line up with your itouch - you'll have 2 minutes to share your favorite apps -- some vendors will be here too giving away free app codes! Keep on sharing among your groups and moving around.
5:45 - Give away Goodness -- Some itouch vendors will come up front and have 1 minute to share their app and will be giving away app codes.
6:00 - Summary - Overview - Where do we Go from Here - Everyone will be in groups to share their favorite apps.

Room Configuration - Warning: These aren't the tables I thought we'd have! But we'll make due!

**Remember to please document and share -- if you record, podcast, video, blog or anything with this session, please share it and post it here on the wiki! Thank you!