If you're a vendor and want to come, please add your name and a link to your app. Also, we would love it if some of you wish to give away free apps - just bring some promo codes and we'll make it happen. Sign up below so we know you're coming.

App Vendor Facilitator: Scott Meech - Feel free to contact him at scott@smeech.net, smeech on Twitter, or smeech.net on Skype.

Vendor - Company- App(s) (Include a link to the store) -blog - twitter id - description of what your app does - if you'll be giving away some apps

SentenceSpin, CountBy, and TimesBy. Apps produced for the iPhone/iPod touch by Tacticality Software . Available now at the app store. We produce classroom tools connected to the K-12 curriculum for use in the K-12 environment. SentenceSpin is an interactive Language Arts Sentence Builder; CountBy is an interactive Hundreds Board; TimesBy is an interactive Multiplication Board. We'll have a dozen codes for each to share at session.

GradePad (www.gradepad.com) an iPhone/iPod touch performance assessment app for teachers and trainers. It is available at the app store for $1.99. With GradePad, you can assess a variety of behaviors and performances with GradePad rubrics that have criteria and scales. GradePad comes with 5 rubrics. You can edit these and create your own. You can manage groups of individuals and track performance over time. You can send performance data to any email account. A free NECC version will be available on June 28. With that version, you will not be able to add rubrics. The rubrics for the free version include assessments for an exhibit, a presentation, a meeting, an encounter, and a workshop. We will be giving out a couple dozen codes at the Birds-of-a-Feather session.