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To discuss the methods, best practices, and tools for using iphones/ iTouches in the classroom as a teacher or with students at the elementary level.

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Dom Salvucci- Classrooms for the Future Coach/Social Studies Teacher- wiki with educational resources -http://nbasdcff.wikispaces.com

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Best Practices

There are many free and inexpensive applications available for merging readers and elementary age students. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and she uses many of the iPod Touch applications. Most are educational in nature others work with hand/eye coordination.

Some of the applications are:

Toddler Teaser Shapes: Free version encourages shape recognition and hand/eye coordination.

ABC's Free: Free version teaches alphabet recognition.

iWriteWords: Free version has children tracing letters to basic words with picture clues. A inexpensive version contains added words.

Halloween Memory: The free version is a virtual memory card matching game.

AnimalSays: the free version is an auditory memory game where children are challenged to listen to the sound patterns, with visual clues and repeat them.

First Word Sampl**er**: The free version has a limited set of words where children match letters on the screen to the word shown above. Picture clues are provided to aid in word recognition. There is also an inexpensive version available with more words.

Shape Builder Lite: This free version is a puzzle builder where children can drag color puzzle pieces together to build an item. When all of the pieces are assembled properly the image turns to a realistic picture and the item is named by a voice, along with a sound the item makes.

Elelementary Apps Reviewed by IEAR: http://www.iear.org/iear/category/early-elementary


Wurdle - Think of word searching with your finger! Customizable: An array of letters awaits you (from 4 x 4 up to 8 x 8) . Drag your finger horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to create words (3 letters or longer - though you can make it more challenging by setting the minimum word length from 3 - 5). The game is timed (which you can set: from 1 minute to untimed -- I use the 2 minute since it's challenging enough yet allows me time to think). ($1.99) (ns)

WordFu - 9 cubes of letters appear on your screen (shake your iTouch/iPhone to scramble them). Tap the letter to create a word, set the time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. With enabled WiFi you can play the 'Versus' mode with another player who has WordFu loaded on their iTouch/iPhone. Scores can be sent to Facebook and Twitter. ($2.99) (ns)

BookWorm - Hands down my FAVORITE word game app! (I've drained my battery many a times on this game.) Think of BeJeweled with letters. You can play the game timed or untimed (my way). Drag your finger across connecting tiles to create a word. But beware! Those 'flaring red' letter tiles are troublesome! Create a word using the letter(s) BEFORE they reach the bottom of the screen where they will cause you to end the game. You can always shake your iTouch/iPhone to scramble the letters. Nice tutorial included. As you create a word the BookWorm 'eats' the tiles and offers up a definition of the word as well. The higher your points the higher your level (I'm currently a Rank 17: Glossographer). You can earn bonus points by locating the word in the upper right hand corner (though you have to play a little while before the bonus word appears). ($4.99) (ns)

Wordsworth - Very similar to BookWorm above. Intended for the Scrabble and Boggle crowd. (*FREE*) (ns)

WordWarp - Anagram type of word app using 6 letters. One advantage is that above the boxes you can see all the words (blank lines) that can be created. As you create a word it appears above. Play time can be set. (*FREE* or $0.99) (ns)

Quordy- The object here is to create words from the 16 tiles (4 x 4 array). This game can be played solo or with friends. And if you don't like the tiles you can always give your iTouch/iPhone a shake. ($2.99) (ns)


Storynory - FREE audio stories for young children including classics, fairytales, myths & a ton of original stories.

Podcasts from the Library of Congress - Includes interview with authors and poets from the 2008 National Book Festival, podcasts on Music and the Brain, and a series of Slave Narratives. (ns)

HOW-TO Create Flashcards for iPods - 5 easy steps to creating flashcards to be used on iPods. (Note: You may want to check out the table of contents along the right side of the page for additional iPod information.) (ns)

Brent Coley's 5th Grade Study Casts and Coley Casts and iPod Flashcards. (ns)

Games from the App Store - Get the latest information on apps for Games from apple.com. You can subscribe to the RSS for this page. (ns)

Entertainment from the App Store - Get the latest information on apps for Entertainment from apple.com. You can subscribe to the RSS for this page. (ns)

Pocket Shaker app - Free for a limited time. I downloaded this to have a tambourine, but found it included 17 percussion instruments (some better than others). This app could be used for music classes but I plan to use it to create patterns with my math students. (pln)