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Dom Salvucci- CFF Coach and High School Social Studies teacher. Resource website:: NBASD CFF Wiki

Paula Naugle - 4th grade teacher, New Orleans, LA, STAR Discovery Educator, (twitter: @plnaugle) Contributor initials: (pln)


Disclaimer: Any prices indicated are valid as of June 2009.

Many of the game applications can help with hand/eye coordination or memory skills. I use them and have my daughter play with them also.

Some examples of free games for hand/eye coordination include:

Wack 'em All: A virtual Whack a Mole Game.

Bug Squash Lite: The goal is to squash as many bugs as you can without missing any.

Piano Work: This app gives yo a mini keyboard to play music on.

Fish Frenzy: This app is addicting and challenges the family to out fish each other using the iTouchs' maneuverability.

Blow: If the weather is not conducive to bubble blowing, just hook up your microphone headset and load this app for bubble blowing wherever the kids are.


Koi Pond - Life is getting out of control? A kid in your room just needs a moment (or two) to power down and re-focus? This app will soothe any worries away. Turns the screen into a koi pond, replete with water lilies and koi (fish). Touch the screen with a finger and watch the ripples as the fish dart out of the way. ($0.99) (ns)

Kaleidic Lite - Shake it, tilt it, but any way you look at it this is an awesome kaleidoscope type app. (*FREE*) (ns)


Colors - A very basic color painting app. Multiple brushes, tilt to change opacity, among other basic functions. You can upload your masterpiece to an online gallery. ($4.99) (There is a Lite version) (ns)

Sketches- Jot your thoughts (think 'mindmap'), doodle on pictures (using text, callouts, stickers, etc.), and even upload a section of a map and draw a path on it. ($4.99) (ns)


Picoli - A simple photo editing app. It has 7 options for improving photos: brightness, sharpness, saturation, illumination, contrast and color balance. It also offers 5 types of filters: posterize (changes your pics into comic classics), night vision, color or grey dithering patterns and sunburn (changes your pics to an orange-red hue). ($2.99) (ns)

Photogene - A simple photo editing app. Crop, sharpen, add frames and shadows, straighten, rotate, and add text. ($2.99) (ns)

Color Splash - Changes your pictures to black and white and while retaining the color for the sections you indicate. Makes for some real 'eye-popping' images. ($1.99) (ns)

Lifecards - "More than 350 templates in 20 categories; up to 4 photos per template; control scale, position, and rotation of photos and alignment, color, size, and font of text; built-in photo filters; Facebook upload support; automatically adapts to landscape and portrait mode; save cards to finish them later" ($2.99) (ns)

Comic Touch - It's a scaled down version of Comic Life for the iTouch/iPhone. Add balloons, add captions, or simply warp a face. ($2.99) (There is also a Lite version) (ns)

Pocket Shaker - This app is free at this time. 17 percussion instruments (some better than others) that can be used to make music.(pln)


Crazy Pumpkin - The title about says it all! Think of it as your virtual pumpkin carving app with sound. Yup, that about sums it up! ($0.99) (ns)