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To discuss the methods, best practices, and tools for implementing using iphones/ iTouches in upper grades (9-12) as teachers or with students.

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Vicki Treadway - Classrooms for the Future Coach/ITS - wiki with iPods in Ed info - http://cffuhs.wikispaces.com/iPods+and+Language+Learning

Dom Salvucci- Classrooms for the Future Coach/Social Studies Teacher- wiki with educational resources -http://nbasdcff.wikispaces.com

Louise Duncan - Secondary School Teacher / eLearning Leadership; Personal Learning Program, Senior IT, Year 8 class with iPod Touch Personalising Learning with the iPod Touch

Scott Meech - Technology Facilitator / SMeech.net / I Education Apps Review


High School Apps Reviewed by IEAR: http://www.iear.org/iear/category/high-school

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iPods in Education Blog - http://www.learninginhand.com
100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better - http://oedb.org/library/beginning-online-learning/100-ways-to-use-your-ipod-to-learn-and-study-better
iPod Flash Cards - http://www.zeleksoftware.com
iQuizShare - http://www.iquizshare.com
GradePad, an iPhone/iPod touch performance assessment tool is now available at the iPhone App Store http://www.apple.comYou can: Manage groups, create GradePad Rubrics, assess performance, track improvement, share data.

The following Apps can be found at the Apple Store: http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/appstore/
gFlash – install on iPod to create flash cards and multiple choice quizzes using Google Docs

Stanza – a free e-reader

GraphCalc – a graphing calculator application that allows students to type in functions to view the graphs.

iRec or similar recorder – for students to conduct interviews, read a book aloud, recording ideas, etc.

Winremote- for teachers – control your PC from the touch. Use with LCD projector in classroom for wireless interaction similar to wireless tablet.

Google Earth App

Kindle – free ebook reader from Amazon

The Chemical Touch - periodic table and amino acid companion

Keynote Remote – for the teacher – control Keynote 09 right from the Touch

Touch Physics App – great for students to problem solve

The following are also a whole list of Social Studies Applications for iPod Touch that can be incorporated into a classroom. Many of them have a free version that is not as detailed, but serviceable.

All Countries: this free application is similar to EU but contains more detailed information on all of the countries of the world. There is also an inexpensive fee application.
American and US History Study Cards
Civil Rights and Equal Protection
Civil War Maps
Civil War Quiz
Declaration of Independence
European Union and Factbook: This free application gives facts and pictures of European Union member nations along with links to their government websites.
Famous Documents
Famous Speeches
Federalist Papers
Great Moments in History
History and Decline of the Roman Empire
History of Egypt, Syria, Bablyonia, etc.
History Maps of the World: This application offers digital maps from various eras of world history.
International Diplomacy
IQ US History Trivia
Know Your Rights
Manual for the United States
Maps of the World
Politics - Essentials Collection
Revolutionary War Quiz
Today in History
Today's History
US Budget History
US Declaration of Independence
US Constitution
US Historical Documents
US Presidents Quotes
USA Factbook
USA Presidents
World and European History Study Cards
World Factbook
World Leaders
World Politics Review
World View

There are other tools such as Evernote which is free that can be used by students to take notes and then sync them to an online account. This enables students to keep notes organized no matter where they are working.

Audio Files/Podcasting

With a headset/microphone combination students can use their iPods to record audio notes and create podcasts.

iTunes in the classroom

iTunes is free for everyone and contains many free multimedia resources that can be used in education. The ressources range from podcasts to open courseware.

iTunes U is an educational forum where resources are provided for free use. The resources come from Universities, and k-12 schools around the globe.

Many government officials post podcasts on iTunes where students can access the information and respond via text or multimedia projects.

iPod Touches can handle video which also opens up the option of engaging students with videos. Many government officials use YouTube and other such sites to post information. These sources can be monitored and used in the classroom by students.

The iPods allow students to interact with information at their own pace instead of the usual process of media being played to the class as a whole. Thsi allows students to adjust the rate of interaction to their specific needs. They also have the option of accessing the information at other times for remediation or enrichment.

Many k-12 educators post their own class resources on the Internet in a variety of formats for their students. iPods allow for students to access this information and revisit it outside of traditional school hours for enrichment or remediation.

The key is to remember that iPods are no longer just like a digital Walkman or cassette/CD player. they are a multimedia platform and the iPod Touch is a full fledged wireless computer. As a digital immigrant it took a bit of time to get used to typing on the iPod Touch keyboard, however that is not the case with students. Remember they can ACCURATELY type text into a cell phone while it is hidden in a purse, backback, or under a desk, they can easily handle using the Touch as the computer that it is.