This is a viral wiki created as part of the Birds of a Feather, Using iTouch and iPhones for Teaching and Learning, at NECC 2009 held on Monday, June 29, 2009. SIGN UP WHERE YOU'D LIKE TO VOLUNTEER!!! Note: We need a ustreamer, we need someone willing to coordinate the virtual elluminate room (and perhaps stream in sound), we need a way to best show our itouches/iphones on the projector screen (anyone have a document camera?), and we'd like to spruce up this wiki a bit. WE also need facilitators for each of the tables listed below (knowing of course, that there will be a certain bit of flow to what is happening.) We'd also like to test and use some apps that require proximity to happen and will compile a list of those!

If this using itouch and iPhones for learning interests you, plan to participate. If you contacted me on twitter and I haven't tweeted or emailed you back - DON'T WAIT -- the response was overwhelming -- jump in!! We would like to have a virtual participation room in Elluminate also, but need some facilitators in there as well. If you're a vendor and want to demonstrate your app, feel free to sign up on our Awesome App Vendor page. While Vendors will be asked not to hard sell their apps, we'd like you to wear a large badge that has your app name on it. Scott Meech, founder of IEducation Apps review will be coordinating the Vendor review section of this.

So, this is open - wide open - and that is what makes the best sessions. It is viral - let's mash it up, mix it up, and create a wiki and share about how to use itouches and iphones in education. Share share share - whether you're there there there or some where where where else! Rock the house! (the school house that is)

Also, would love to have a tool that will let us show our itouch apps on the projector. Right now I've got tent cards being printed to facilitate connections by gradelevel and interests but am open to ideas and thoughts. Join the wiki - let's get going! (Note: This is NOT sponsored by Apple, although if any of you have contacts, we'd welcome their participation!)

Vicki Davis Twitter: coolcatteacher

PS, need some help making the pages that link to apps -- itouch/ iphone friendly!!! HELP! Advice please!

Linking to Apps in the Wiki

This link is what you are looking for. It allows you to create html code for inserting links to App Store entries.
Here is an example of a link to the Educate app, as an example [Note: I have never used this app, nor do I have any affiliation with the company that produces it. -Deon]: Click here to go to the iTunes App Store entry for the Educate app.


Monday, June 29, 2009
4:45 - 6:15 pm EDT-
Birds of a Feather: Using iTouch and iPhones for Learning [Formal Session : Birds-of-a-Feather] (44552602) - Placecards Elementary; Middle Grades; High School grades; Administration - Come and make your own placecard for topics to work with what you're doing. - Share applications & Best Practices.
Location: WWCC 103 B Agenda

Lead Facilitator: Vicki Davis (present), Westwood Schools, Cool Cat Teacher Blog, I use and love my Itouch for all types of personal productivity for my classroom (it links with the Flat Classroom projects, etc.) and dream of having a 1:1 itouch program at our school. Looking forward to learning from YOU! Twitter: coolcatteacher

Backchannel Moderator: Julie Lindsay (present)
iTouch/iTunes International Use - Julie
Vendor Coordinator: Scott Meech, founder of (Educational Apps Review)
Legal issues: Dr. Scott McLeod
1:1 Itouch Programs: Susan Wells
Backchannel Link: (passcode given at event)
Ustream Link:
Twitter Hashtag - #ieducation
Wiki Link:
Presentation Link:
Link from the NECC Online Program:
People Involved/ Volunteers: Julie Lindsay
, Scott Meech, Vicki Davis, -- others? we need more!
NECC Ning Discussion Link -

Volunteers / Those Interested

Greeter -

  • Ann Leaness - I am a newbie for CFF and just got an itouch. I will be happy to greet the other Newbies or help in any other way! Joing my shwup photo/movie album and add your pics. email me at for an invite.


We'd like each table to have a faciliator - a person who has a couple of apps to share to get everyone started! Also would like tables to post their favorite apps to the wiki for sharing!

Virtual Facilitators


Making Our Outcomes i-Friendly

Please use format Vicki used above. Name, whether you'll be present or virtual, your school, blog,